Zip Code Distance API

Today I launched a new website at The site is an API that allows you to determine the distance, in either kilometers or miles, between two zip codes. It also will return all zip codes within a specified radius of a given zip code. This API can be integrated into applications that require search capabilities by location.

Javascript Grid Computing

The rise of grid computing has brought various volunteer computing projects, often for the good of mankind. Such examples include Folding@home, fightAIDS@home, and SETI@home. All of these examples require that someone explicitly download applications to run on their computers. But what if you tried designing a grid that required very little to no user setup?

Facebook Hacker Cup Qualification Round

The Facebook Hacker Cup, a programming contest designed by Facebook kicked off last night with the Qualification Round. The real competition involves three rounds, but this initial round is a prerequisite to participating in the first round. The round presented three programming challenges in which a participant needed to solve at least one correctly in order to advance to round one. While the problems themselves required some skill to solve efficiently, the real challenge wound up being figuring out what the problems were asking for and how the contest platform worked.

HostMonster Domain Aliases

The cPanel for HostMonster's shared hosting does not allow you to create real domain aliases. However, you can get a similar effect by following the steps below. Note that you need SSH access for this to work.

HostMonster Subdomain Management

When adding a subdomain on HostMonster, the document root is placed in ~/public_html. However, often you have other directories that should be placed outside of the document root and should not be accessable from the web. For example, configuration files and templates might be in a separate directories. For organization, it would be good to have the following site structure:

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